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В нашей ЗООГАЛАКТИКЕ живет 4100 видов животных и 15102 фотографий, можно узнать много интересных фактов в 135 статьях и прочитать 910 рассказов. Найти 401 увлекательных детских сказок и 486 историй для самых юных читателей.
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Drawings of animals: all styles and techniques of painting. The drawings may be multivarious but shall nevertheless represent animals. The artworks shall be bright, colorful; you may send works created using non-standard, creatively different design and any materials; computer graphics are also allowed. Paper drawings may be photographed or scanned. You like drawing however nobody but your family members and close friends have seen your artworks yet? Send your drawings of animals to our address, and we will help you to organize your personal exhibition on our Website. The drawings may be of any kind, but they shall nevertheless represent animals. You may draw right on your computer or take a photo of your paper drawing and send it to our address.

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