Зона безопасного интернета для детей
Welcome to the animal kingdom!
Зона безопасного интернета для детей

For kids: learn about animals

There are four sections in this section so far, which will be added to. These are sections about animals of hot countries, inhabitants of forests and steppes, as well as the inhabitants of the Arctic and Antarctic and countries where cold weather does not recede for a long time. The fourth - the closest and most useful for young users section, it tells about pets. All the abundant information is presented quite briefly, interestingly, interrelationships with climatic conditions, which are chosen by certain wild animals, the reasons for their migrations are clarified, many sciences are touched upon: history, biology, and geography. The cognitive component of these materials can hardly be overestimated, moreover, the interest does not fade as the materials are familiarised. Children by nature are curious, they are interested in the mysteries of existence of animals in the wild, their habits, nature of activity, relationships with relatives, with other inhabitants of these places, with people. That is why both children. And adults willingly read the fascinating texts and look at the illustrations selected with knowledge.

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  • Elephants
  • Hare
  • Bear
  • Snow Leopard
  • Channel-billed toucan
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