Зона безопасного интернета для детей
Welcome to the animal kingdom!
Зона безопасного интернета для детей


Add together the pictures of animals and calculate their number!

In our math game, you will have to add together the number of animals on the left and on the right and choose the right answer.

Description of the game: The child is offered to make a mathematical operation named “Adding”. For this, he has to count the number of pictures in the first and the second parts of the example and then add the numbers obtained. The right answer is to be chosen from a numerical row shown below. Efficiency of the present teaching method is achieved thanks to use of visual aids. As didactic material, the pictures with the images of animals are used, which makes interesting this mathematical training. Diverting mathematical examples will be highly appropriate for children of under school age and of early school age.

Aim of the game: To consolidate the study of the figures from 1 to 10, to train the skills of adding, to consolidate the skills of solving examples, to develop intellect, logics, quickness of wit and mathematical faculties.

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  • Elephants
  • Hare
  • Bear
  • Snow Leopard
  • Channel-billed toucan
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