Welcome to the animal kingdom!
Welcome to the animal kingdom!

Animals for kids. Zoogalaxy

Free and without adverts. Cognitive and interesting, accessible and entertaining.

La aplicación "Animales para niños. Zoogalaxy" para los celulares bajo el sistema Android es fácil descargar en Google Play por el QR. Abre la cámara en tu teléfono o tablet Android. Apunta la cámara al código QR. Pulsa en el banner que aparece en la pantalla. Sigue las instrucciones.

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Animals for kids. Zoogalaxy

The application "Animals for kids" contains colourful photos and detailed descriptions of the most interesting species of wild and domestic animals. This is another opportunity to show all the unique diversity of the animal world of planet Earth. We have collected the most interesting things about the fabulously beautiful world of animals to tell your children. And we hope that our gift will like you and help you to learn something new!

The application "Animals for kids" is not just content in a certain selection, it is like a scenario, specially built to give the younger generation a lively dialogue with the surrounding nature, full of reflections, generalizations, comparisons of various situations. This is the very place where a child can make his or her first discoveries!

The application contains and will be supplemented with categories:

- Surrounding World for Kids. Stories about animals of hot countries, inhabitants of forests and steppes, as well as inhabitants of the Arctic and Antarctic, and a lot of interesting things about pets.

- The rubric for the most curious - Why-kids: questions and answers.

- Cognitive learning cards. Riddles for children with answers. Voices and sounds of animals. Fascinating texts and illustrations.

The full size of the database is about 100 megabytes and may take some time to download, so to save space on your device, we recommend that you select only what you need on the download screen. The selection can be changed at any time. The application has the possibility to leave notes and add information to "Favourites". Extensive options are provided for customising the appearance, combined with the choice of an easy-to-read text size for the descriptions. Everything makes our children's encyclopaedia as comfortable as possible to read without strain and fatigue.

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  • Elephants
  • Hare
  • Bear
  • Snow Leopard
  • Channel-billed toucan
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