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Expositions of works of kids

Цифровой Банк творческих работ

Zoogalaxy allows creating your personal user account to place your creative works and photographs, form your personal publication line that is your personal exhibition to be viewed worldwide! Send your creative works to our address, either the photographs or drawings of animals! To add an art work, you should log on or access your account on our Web portal. It is simple and easy to share your art works by sending a unique link to your friends and acquaintances.

The most popular works will be translated in the block of interesting materials on all pages of Web our portal! The visitors from any corner of the world will have an opportunity to measure your works by clicking the “like” button and posting their comments. Your photos and drawings give your a unique opportunity to tell the whole world about the richness and diversity of nature and animal world of your native shore, share your successes in schooling your favorite pets and animal companions, and simply make this world a bit more positive.

Send your photos or drawings of animals to our address. For these purposes, you should log on our Website by clicking the “Enter” button and choosing then the “Registration” option, or your should ask your parents for assistance to become our friend!

Your works will be viewed worldwide, you will get an opportunity to have your personal exhibition and share your spirit to your friends. We will show the best artworks on all pages of our Website!

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