About us

Zoogalaxy project is a desire to discover and disclose the beautiful world of animals which moves away from people with the increase of years for reasons beyond their control. We would like to tell young generation that the animal world of Earth is uniquely beautiful and interesting, in line with bringing the sense of being wide-eyed and asking the questions that instigate to find responses to, back to the older generation.

Yours faithfully, Andrey Rezvov

ZOOGALAXY is a website of great interest to education that combines and comprises original texts, photos and many other resources. The project comprehensively and extraordinarily discovers the Earth fauna. Our planet is the home for a great many animal species; their number is actually measured in millions. All of them have been ranked and thematically systematized on Zoogalaxy internet portal. Each member of the animal world is furnished with exciting original texts and photos. The portal structure provides vast opportunities for interactive communication for children and adults. This includes both the participation in the portal competitive and development programs and the use of original pictures, poems and many other resources designed for communication in social networks as well as for a host of other portals and resources.

An important strength and merit of this learning and entertaining resource is that it provides a person-centered learning in natural sciences. The resource will become a backstop for children, teachers, parents, and generally for all those interested in the animal world.

The aforesaid portal is divisible into three principal directions:

  • guidelines for students and teachers;
  • all required for the preparation of educational, leisure and unrestricted activities;
  • blending creative resources.


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