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В нашей ЗООГАЛАКТИКЕ живет 4103 видов животных и 15102 фотографий, можно узнать много интересных фактов в 135 статьях и прочитать 910 рассказов. Найти 437 увлекательных детских сказок и 488 историй для самых юных читателей.
Некоммерческий учебно-познавательный портал расскажет все о животных!

Web portal on animals for children and adults

We hope that our work will serve our children well through teaching them gentleness and understanding the world around them, which will help them make it a better place to live.

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About our Project

The ZOOGALAXY web-based intelligent educational non-profit project designed for children and adults was launched in 2012. Our activities are aimed at stimulating children’s cognitive development and encouraging children and adults to learn about wildlife and inspiring them to take actions to conserve wild animals. The content of our website based on interesting photos and video records promotes personal development, helps people to understand and engage with the world of animals and learn interesting facts about wildlife found in various countries and continents, facilitating communication and creative processes.

One of the most important objectives of the project is to demonstrate the unique diversity of the wildlife of our Planet by providing users with the information about conservation areas and magnificence of the natural world. The website ZOOGALAXY features a unique structure and interesting presentation of materials. All texts are currently being translated from Russian into English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese languages.

ZOOGALAXY Fund for Education and Cognitive Development of Children and Adults established in September 2017 represents interests of our website both in Russia and abroad. Recently, Zoogalaxy Fund was awarded a monthly grant for non-profit organizations by the Google Ad Grants, which will provide brilliant opportunities to use our web portal for raising awareness of the wildlife and conservation.

Our mission is: to promote understanding of natural world for wildlife conservation; to create instruments facilitating learning processes and development of creative abilities of various audiences; to provide opportunities for sharing creative experiences that would motivate people to care about wild animals; to let users share their stories about the wildlife of their regions with all other people living on our Planet.

It is important to note that our website is not intended for imposing any ideology or offering any goods or services. ZOOGALAXY is rather a creative centre providing knowledge and stimulating the development of imaginative capacities of both adults and children, that serves a communication platform for people of different religious, cultural, and political backgrounds. It unites all people who are willing to live in peace and harmony.

Our goals and objectives:

Full development of the individual and learning assistance

Training texts, pictures, and video records help discovering various aspects of the animal world of the Earth. Authors’ photographs and video records of animals are accompanied by the descriptions of their physical characteristics, habitat, biology, etc. A phylogenetic tree showing the evolutionary relationships among various species will be useful to everybody who is interested in zoology, regardless of her or his level of education. Encyclopedia of fauna will attract interest of many users including children and their parents, schoolchildren, students, and teachers.

An important advantage of our non-profit Internet portal is that it exercises a learner-centered approach to science education.

Game-based learning as a teaching method

Our website offers tremendous opportunities for interactive communication for both the smallest kids (educational games) and schoolchildren, as well as for high school students and teachers. Interactive logic games presented in the section «For kids» are meant for children aged over three years. Our educational games will help developing intellectual and social abilities of the children.

Section «For kids» has been translated into six languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Arabic, and Chinese), which provides children from many regions of the world with an opportunity to take part in the same competitions and contests. At the same time, Russian people living in other countries can use our website for teaching their children Russian.

Motivation for creative thinking for children all over the world

ZOOGALAXY has many dimensions, offering everybody an opportunity to participate in enthralling contests and art exhibitions motivating children and encouraging them to develop their creative abilities and learn more about fascinating world of animals.

ZOOGALAXY has been designed for all and everyone, and all of you are welcome to send us your photos, stories, or scientific papers about wild animals, or tell us about your personal creative experience. To this end, our website includes sections where people can tell their stories in a personal or thematic blog, as well as discuss various topics in the forum. The best stories will be included in the scientific section, with references to their authors.

Helping individuals with special needs

A section «Animal world for special people» has been created for individuals with special needs who live both in Russia and many other countries (the work aimed at the selection of special materials and their translation into different languages is currently underway). We develop the content of this section of the site in cooperation with rehabilitation centres that help us adapt the materials and their presentation to make them convenient for the people of this category. A unique project «Animal World from a Special Perspective» provides great opportunities for training and developing individuals with special needs both in rehabilitation centres and at home.

For volunteers and all people who are willing to support our Project

ZOOGALAXY is a non-commercial project that has never published any advertisements of products or services and will never do it in the future. We don’t generate any profit from an increase in the numbers of visitors and project participants. Our goal is to involve more people in our valuable and needed initiative, people who sincerely want to work towards humanitarian and secure society and are willing to act. Join us, if you are willing to invest some time and energy in our interesting project and use your skills for the development of our international non-commercial website!

Do you like to paint? Your illustrations will liven up our stories and games! Do you have some fresh ideas about new games, contests and competitions? You will help children learn about the world around them! Can you work in graphic design or do computer programming? Your support will help to turn new ideas into reality! Are you good in communication and networking? Are you aware of the term “netiquette”? We are looking for people who can be trusted with the management of the contests and publications in social networks! Moderation process requires a measured and responsible approach to every comment or report! Do you know foreign languages? Your help with translating our texts will be commended by people in many countries! Do you have interesting information on our topic? We are sure that all our visitors will appreciate your contribution!

Talent search!

Any good example is a call to action. Your support may help other people to act. Our international, freely accessible project offers everyone an opportunity to get involved, regardless of his or her welfare and political opinion. Even the smallest amount of help is one of the bricks that constitute our mutual home, the world in which we live. Participation in our non-commercial project is your key to success. Our website provides every talented person with an opportunity to play an important role in the development of the project. We will post information about our aids and their contribution to our work on the pages of our website. We have also provided for the opportunity of publishing personal materials on relevant topics; all of you can publish your own stories about your hobbies or just share interesting information in Blogs and Forums sections.

Bon voyage!

The team of ZOOGALAXY non-profit educational Web portal for children and adults


Tel: +7(495) 772-65-54
E-mail: info@zoogalaxy.net

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