Welcome to the animal kingdom!
Welcome to the animal kingdom!

Web portal about animals for children and adults

We hope that what we do shall be useful for our children through the instillation of kindness and the right understanding of the world around in order to change it for the better.

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About our Project

The ZOOGALAXY nonprofit educational and informative web portal for children and adults has been launched in 2012. The basic area of the activity is the promotion of educational and informative development and motivation of creativity of children and adults to get acquainted with the animal world, as well as its study and preservation. The web project, based on interesting and informative author's photos and videos, provides comprehensive personal development, as well as the development of creative abilities, knowledge and study of the animal world of our planet, acquaintance with the fauna of various countries and continents. It also promotes communication and creative interaction.

One of the basic tasks of the web portal is to demonstrate all the unique diversity of the animal world of countries and continents by telling about both the preserved areas and the splendor of the nature on the planet Earth. ZOOGALAXY has no Russian or foreign analogues in the structure and presentation of educational and informative materials. The web portal is currently being translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese.

The ZOOGALAXY support foundation for the promotion of educational and informative development of children and adults, which has been established in September 2017, represents the interests of the web portal both in Russia and abroad. One of the important steps to the success of the development of the nonprofit project of the ZOOGALAXY foundation is the receipt of an unlimited monthly advertising grant for the free placement of AdWords ads within the Google world's top search engine in June 2018. Due to the Google Ad Grants program for nonprofit organizations, we shall be able to tell users from different countries more about the assignment in order to change the world for the better!

The assignment of the ZOOGALAXY nonprofit foundation is to promote the knowledge of the animal world in order to preserve it. As well as to create the tools assisting in teaching and developing the creative abilities of different categories of people. To provide opportunities for anyone to share their creativity, which shall motivate people to take care of the animal world on our planet. To ensure the opportunity to tell about the nature and animal world of the local region to all the people who live on our planet.

We would like to notice that the web portal does not impose any ideology, products or services. ZOOGALAXY is the creative center that brings knowledge and development of creative abilities, both in children and adults, along with the ability to communicate with people having different political views and faiths. We are all united by one major desire that is to live in peace and harmony on our planet.

Our goals and objectives:

Comprehensive personal development and education assistance

Original educational texts, photos and videos reveal comprehensively and unusually the animal world on the planet Earth unexpectedly. Each representative of the animal world is provided with author's photos and fascinating popular science descriptions of appearance and differences, as well as the lifestyle and habitats. Detailed animal systematics shall assist the study of zoology to all people who are interested in the subject, regardless of the training level. The animal world encyclopedia shall be useful both for children and parents, schoolchildren and teachers, as well as for students and teaching staff.

An important advantage of the non-commercial educational and informative web portal is that it provides the person-oriented education of natural sciences.

Game as a teaching method

The web portal provides great opportunities for interactive communication both for youngest boys and girls (educational games), and school-aged children, as well as students and teachers. Interactive logic games within the “For children" section are suitable for children under 3 y.o. Our educational games develop the intellectual and social qualities of the child.

The "For children" section has been translated into six languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Arabic and Chinese), which allows children from many countries of the world to simultaneously participate in creative competitions and Olympiads. Meanwhile our compatriots abroad obtain the opportunity to develop their children's desire to learn Russian through the web portal.

Motivation for creativity for children around the world

ZOOGALAXY has many "dimensions". The web portal allows everyone to participate in its "life" these are the exciting and developing contests and exhibitions of works that motivate children to develop creative abilities and study the animal world on the planet Earth.

ZOOGALAXY has been created for all of us, so everyone can send photos, reports, essays, stories, scientific materials about the animal world, as well as share and tell about their creative activities. To implement this opportunity, the web portal has sections where anyone can talk about themselves in a personal or thematic blog or discuss any issue via the forum. The best materials shall be mandatory placed in the scientific section of the web portal by indicating the authorship of the publication.

Assistance to special needs individuals

The “Animal world for special needs individuals” web portal section, intended for use by people having intellectual disabilities, has been created for people with special needs living both in Russia and worldwide (translation and selection of adapted materials in different languages are in process). When developing and filling this section, we cooperate with methodological rehabilitation centers to adapt the presentation of materials for this category of people. The "Special attitude to animal world" unique project provides a comprehensive opportunity for development and motivates this category of people to learn, both in rehabilitation centers and at home.

For volunteers and those who just wish to assist the project

ZOOGALAXY is the nonprofit project where there were and won't be any products and services advertised. We don't receive any financial profit from the increase in the number of visitors and participants of the project. Our goal is to involve in this necessary and good activity as many people as possible who have a sincere desire to work for the welfare of the humanitarian development of society and want to prove themselves! Unless you have the desire and opportunity to devote a king of attention to an interesting humanitarian project by using your professional skills and to contribute to the development of an international nonprofit web portal you are welcome to join us!

Your assistance may include either writing and improving the materials already posted, or just new ideas and suggestions.

Do you know how to draw? Your illustrations shall make our stories and games "alive"! Are there any ideas for new games, quizzes, and contests? You may help the younger generation to explore the world around! Do you know anything about software programming or design? Your assistance shall speed up the implementation of new ideas and extraordinary thoughts! Are you good at communicating and making contact? Are you familiar with the "netiquette" concept? We are badly off such people who can be trusted to conduct contests on the website and publish on social networks! Comments and messages policing requires a very balanced and responsible attitude to each statement! Do you know foreign languages? Your translation assistance shall be appreciated by people worldwide! Is there any interesting material you have on our topic? We are sure that all our participants shall take it for its worth!

Work areas for project participants:

  • Search and selection of text, graphic and video materials for posting in the web portal thematic sections;
  • Policing of posts and comments put on materials and in the "blogs" section";
  • Feedback support in the comments and answers to questions;
  • Attraction of visitors from other thematic groups, social networks and forums to participate in the web portal activities.

ZOOGALAXY is looking for talents!

Any good example spurs you into action! Your assistance may be an example for others wishing to take this path. The global public project provides an opportunity for anyone to participate, regardless of wealth and political views. Even the smallest contribution is another brick in the improvement of our common home which is the world we all live in! Participation in our international nonprofit humanitarian project is your key to success. A unique opportunity for every talented person to approve oneself in an international nonprofit web project. We shall tell you about our assistants and their contribution to the project in detail on the web site pages and provide an opportunity to post your own materials that match the project topic. In the "Blogs" and "Forums" sections of the project's website there shall be an opportunity for anyone to talk about the hobbies and just share interesting information.

Bon voyage!

The team of the ZOOGALAXY nonprofit educational and informative web portal for children and adults.


E-mail: [email protected]

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