Welcome to the animal kingdom!
Welcome to the animal kingdom!

Blogs on animals and nature

On this page, you will certainly find a lot of interesting and amazing facts about domestic and wild animals. You will be able to visit the most remote areas of our Planet or discover something new about the animals that can be found close to you. You can also find answers to many of your questions here.

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Domestic animals

The world of your pets: amusing tales, funny stories and photographs, tips for helping you look after your pet, and much, much more. You have a story about your pet? Share it with us! Have you got questions? Ask them, and we will answer! We are looking forward to the comments from animal caretakers, veterinarians, animal trainers, and zoopsychologists.

Across regions and countries

Tell us about the animals living in your region. Do you like to observe and describe wild animal behaviour? Well, you are in the right place! Your stories will be read and appreciated by our visitors. Every place on our Planet is unique, and one’s life is not enough to visit all of them! But you can help us solve this problem!

Zoos and nature reserves

Tell us about the animals kept at the zoo of your city, any funny stories about them, etc. Zoo representatives are welcome to provide us with their information for this section.

For zoologists

We invite professional zoologists to tell us about unusual or rare representatives of fauna or share some interesting stories and discoveries.

Animals in art and in Internet

Animals in the books, movies, etc.

Your suggestions

Please, share your ideas and suggestions on our site and in particular, this blog. Do you think that it lacks some necessary topics? Your feedback is welcome!

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